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Intelligent solutions for exotic fruits

What did we do?

To increase productivity, the packaging line IPS optimised for transport packaging was installed. It was designed with frontal intelligent weighing tables for fast packing and repacking of exotic fruits such as mango, avocado or ginger. A checkweigher for crates and a carton labeller were also installed.

What was installed?

icon weighing

IPS with 5 levels:

1 level: entrance full of boxes with raw goods
2 level: exit repacked boxes of top quality products
3 level: exit of repacked boxes with second quality products
4 Level: Entrance empty new emballages
5th level: return empty boxes

icon weighing

12 frontal weighing tables

with integrated scale and LED bar incl. Lighting and waste bins

icon weighing

Lifting elements with box turnouts

for ergonomically optimised, faster working

icon weighing

ST A500B Checkweigher

Before labelling, all the crates are controll weighed.

icon labelling


Carton labeller

For which products are our machines used?

The Swiss company has used our solutions specifically for working with exotic fruits. Among them mangoes, avocados or ginger.

Why were our solutions installed?

The client’s goal was to speed up the sorting and repacking process, to increase quality and per capita output, to reduce personnel costs through better organisation and working conditions (time and performance recording of personnel).

How could we achieve this goal?

Thanks to manual sorting and repacking, the quality could be improved. Automatic labelling ensured that the processes were completed faster. Recording working hours helped to make staff management more efficient and thus reduce personnel costs.

packing exotic fruits

What were the benefits of installing our products?

  • The standard output was previously 0.4 boxes / person / minute. With the use of our machines, the output could be raised to a maximum of 3 crates / person / minute.

  • It took 70 per cent less staff to produce the same amount.

  • The “Statistic Weights” software used records the entire processes and provides a better overview of the process chain. In addition, the web API can be used to better control and automate the inventory management system. With the live export, article maintenance is simplified and performance data is analysed more quickly for further processes. Working hours were also recorded accurately and could contribute to optimising staff management. The increased transparency is partly responsible for the above improvements.

More control of the performance / person, analyses and working time recording as well as the resulting increase in profit are just some of the advantages of using our products.

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